Why pay more if you can bait termite your self!
With 4 easy steps you can save up to thousands of ringgit.
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Termite Baiting System ,
Do It Your Self termite problem solving and termite control.

In tropical climate such as Malaysia, termite infestation is a very common problem.
They are a major structural pest causing millions of ringgit in damages and repairs to property owners annually. There are many owners who turns to companies which offers services of termites extermination, but you can try TermitesDIY Colony Elimination Box which is similar to Sentricon System but with an affordable price.

Please read instruction paper before use our Termite Baiting System

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Beware of Counterfeit/Fake Products ( we notice someone use our photo and design and sell online, They can copy our design but not formula, dont waste your money for fake product.) Original termitesdiy price are fix, please buy original

Termite is an insect pest that eats wood and damaged pillars, floors, walls, houses, books and furniture.
It look like an ants but body termite are white colour and soft body.

Termite life group with three caste, king and queen duties is to multiply, workers termite is to look for food to feed coloni and soldiers termite on duty to defend when attacked by ants.

King and queen termite is the most perfect termite. Wings of King termite are gray color and they can see with eyes. Queen termite have largh abdomen, yellowish color and can grow up to 4 cm. Task of termite queen is to lays a loteggs.

Most of the baby termite become workers, some become soldiers and little become a king and queen. Termites stay inside nest build by mud. Sometimes the nest can built over two meters tall.

Termite problem
Major problem if your house is attacked by termites. Termite can damage your furniture such as cupboards, shelves, doors, clothing, books, documents, ceiling, wall, and others.

About termite: Termite nest is in the soil as termite like moist, cold and protected places. Termite colony consists of queens, kings, queens regent, regent, worker, and military reconnaissance. If queens died, another employee can be turned into queens but not large in size as the original queens. In certain seasons queens regent will grow wings and fly away to find new areas to make new nests.

Mommon type of Pesticide or Poison termite are liquid, usually used in farms. If used indoors, it produces a smell that is not pleasant even harmful to health. Use of liquid poisons from termite attack is only kill the termite that interact poison alone. There are still many more termite in the nest. It is a matter of time the termite attack back.

One of the effective way is to hire professional termite exterminator. Price is expensive , can reach a thousand dollars. They will pump termite poison into the soil under your home or use the poison baiting box to kill the entire colony of termites to prevent termites.

Latest solution is termite baiting system. Users can do it yourself at home with a reasonable cost. is very easy, just stick TermitesDIY baiting box along the 'mud tunnels or termite road way or termite gathering places (usually under the box, timber and other) Termite like the poison bait, they will bring back the poison bait to thier nest, and share with nest mate include king and queen, after 21 days, you will see many parts of the bait has been eaten, and no more termite in the box, it means you have successfully eliminate termite entire coloni.

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